INTERIOR DESIGN- With a belief that one should live among objects that bring joy, a discriminating eye for vintage textiles and antiques, and a passion for creating spaces, we help you create a warm environment that reflects your vision. We’re all about meaningful stories told through interior spaces that capture family history, utilize rare design objects and highlight life experiences—and we have mastered the art of choosing things well over often. In fact, it’s what we do best.

CUSTOM FINE JEWELRY- Working with fine metals and precious stones, we create bespoke fine jewelry to celebrate you and to serve as a new family heirloom. Whether it is reimagining an inherited vintage piece or creating something completely new, our inspiration comes from designing a legacy that carries your history and moves with you into the future.

"Clare helped me tell my story. I was looking for someone to help bring more treasured elements of my life into my home.  Clare truly heard me and got who I am. She showed me what was missing from my home, to bring out its most fantastic qualities. She was able to blend her discriminating eye and impeccable style, with my vibe and vision and source decorative objects, textiles and furnishings that represent our family and where we are going. The result is as beautiful as it is powerful. We couldn’t be more pleased."  
Lyra M. | Business Owner | Pacific Palisades